G Suite Initial Setup Data Collection

Complete and submit this form to ensure your new G Suite (Google) Hosted Enterprise Email solution is setup appropriately. If you are unsure of how to answer a particular question please contact your account manager at Boost2Business to discuss, or leave a note at the bottom.
  • Business & Billing Information

  • Which domain will we be using for your email?
  • Who should we call to get credit card info for monthly payment to Google?
  • Where should bills be tied to?
  • Domain DNS Access

    If we have not received access to your domain DNS, please provide it below. All passwords are encrypted in the form so are safe to send.
  • Ie, Godaddy, namespro, rebel.com, etc. This should be the account that your nameservers belong too. *Need help? Contact us and we'll help you find out who this is.
  • Email Account Setup

  • Enter the details for every unique email account required. Google charges for each account/month. ALIASES: If you need to have "ghost" accounts that people can send to, that's what these are. Ie. if you have an accounting@domain.com and you want people to be able to send to ap@domain.com and have it come to the main accounting account, this is where an alias would be used. No extra charge for aliases.
    First NameLast NameEmail AddressAliases? 
  • Standardized Email Signature

    If we are creating a new, unified email signature for you and your staff to use, please fill out the details below. NOTE: A standardized email signature will be created but your staff will need to customize their signatures to show their individual information.
  • Select the items you would like us to include in your email signature. Note, individual items can be removed so it is best to include all the options you want. Name, Business Name, Main Phone, & website are always included at a minimum