Sample Quiz Form for WHMIS Quiz

This gives an example of what the basic look/feel of our quiz forms can look like. Lots of options including adding in fields for data collection of user taking quiz.

  • Instant mark or mark on submit (currently set to instant mark)
  • Random order of answers (set for each question)
  • Checkboxes for multi-select answers
  • Radio buttons for single answer options
  • Answer explantion if wrong one picked – ie, tell them the right answer or why it is the right answer
  • Weighted Scores for each question
  • Multiple pages of questions
  • Progress Bar
  • Auto Marking/Scoring with custom Pass %
  • Email confirmations out to whoever (you & quiz person too)
  • Internal reporting panel to see the results of each person along with aggregate results.

Digital Marketing Quiz

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  • I can put blocks of text or content between questions including images. This would need to be done by us though. Its based on html text.
    Example of multiselect