Growing Local Business Since 2013

We are Boost2Business

Since 2013, we've been boosting local businesses with creative marketing strategies, jaw-dropping websites, and innovative tools, techniques, and data. Our mission is to boost your success with targeted marketing and technology implementation.

We want to make every business successful

Our goal has always been to help businesses succeed in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and our client success stories speak to our ability to deliver.

The key to success:
Data driven strategies

At Boost2Business, data drives decisions. We believe that the key to any successful business is the ability to implement data-driven marketing.

There is a wealth of data available to businesses online and we know how to use this information to help you devise better marketing strategies. After all, Google Analytics data, call tracking, custom reporting tools, and lead conversion statistics shouldn’t be used only by multi-million dollar enterprise businesses!

We’ll help you understand what all this data means, where new opportunities lie, how to improve areas that are not performing well, and how to boost your business.

Who we work with

We enjoy working with clients in a range of industries and seek to provide services for established niche companies and small businesses.

Curious about how we’ve helped businesses in Alberta and across Canada improve their online presence and boost lead generation? Just ask. We’re always up for a conversation (and some coffee).

Our value-added commitment

Boost2Business stands out among local agencies by offering several value-added propositions. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our team will deliver a successful, creative and cost-effective solution.


At B2B, we’re driven by value. We want to provide you with the best possible project at the best bang-for-your-buck.

Growth focused

Our number one goal - to help your business grow. Our strategies and implementation focus on building leads and helping your businesses reach its full potential.


Just short of possessing the knowledge of Google on the topic of digital marketing, our team knows (and does) it all. With decades of combined experience, there’s nothing we can’t deliver on! 

Trend followers

While we may not set the trends, we do something better - we follow them. 

Our team is constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ideas. We stay on top of the latest trends so you don’t have to!


As often as you might fill up on gas, online marketing strategies evolve. This may present a challenge to many in-house marketing teams who are trying to stay on top of branding and strategy while monitoring changes online. This is where we really shine. 

We take care of understanding these changes, adapting strategies, and finding opportunities where they may not have existed before.

We’re local – We meet with all our clients in person for web and marketing projects. And we speak Albertan. The internet may be faceless but we’re not.
How B2B Implements

Data Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Websites

Every website we work on starts with keyword research. This research helps us identify the most popular and valuable keywords in your industry. We use this information to guide the theme, content and even backend coding for your site. 

We also implement Google Analytics with advanced conversion funnel tracking to learn how visitors interact with your site and what improvements can be made to further increase conversions rates.

Data-Driven SEO

It’s a proven fact - the higher you appear in the search results, the more traffic your website will see. The key to high rankings? A solid SEO strategy rooted in data-driven insights.

We gather, assess and utilize your data to develop the best SEO keywords and strategy for your business.

Marketing Channel Selection

Our focus has always been on Omni-channel strategies. We select and combine multiple marketing channels to deliver the perfect mix necessary to achieve your goals. How do we select these channel? Data, of course.

Along with our wizard-like ability to collect and analyze data, our full house of developers, web/print designers, marketing strategists and extensive partnerships, make planning and implementing an omni-channel strategy easier than checking your oil.

Data-Driven Campaigns

The data we collect from your site can also be used to develop and improve messaging and give us insight into who to target. Using this information, we create strong campaigns that perform better and cost less (long term) than a poorly planned campaign.

A note from Nate Schick

Entrepreneur, marketer, automotive enthusiast.

To our future clients:

Welcome to Boost2Business Marketing, my name is Nathaniel Schick. You can call me Nate for short. I love technology, I love data, and I love marketing. It was these reasons that caused me to leave my Internet Marketing Consultant position at one of Google’s most respected AdWords partners. It was why I started Boost2Business Marketing in 2013 – but it was the support and trust of some amazing clients that made it a successful launch.

My original goal was to provide online marketing strategy consulting – SEO, SEM/PPC, online branding, social media, and website audits – to small businesses in Edmonton. My plan was always to utilize the analytical data available to help clients achieve increased lead generation without having to increase their marketing budgets. Today that goal remains, albeit more focused into what we call Data Driven Marketing.

This data-driven marketing methodology was quickly embraced by clients. The ability to adapt to their market and customers, find expansion opportunities, and know what leads were being generated by their websites and marketing campaigns was something that just made sense. After all, if the big companies can do it, surely the tools exist for you to be able to do the same.

Since starting, Boost2Business has gained clients across Canada, in verticals ranging from professional services, to the wedding industry, and most prominently in the automotive industry. In fact, an online tool we developed in conjunction with one of Chrysler Canada’s marketing partners is now used in many automotive dealerships across Canada. This tool helps to dynamically mine customer data for improved advertising penetration and customer management. 

At B2B we recognize that custom isn’t always the answer. We’ve also created business solutions utilizing Google’s business apps that have saved our clients from expensive custom solutions. All this and we are just getting started – I want your success to be part of our story too.

Nathaniel Schick
Marketing Strategist

We excel at lead generation & management.
Boost your leads, boost your sales. That has always been our goal;  to live up to our name.

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