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So you’ve set up your brand new Facebook page, took the effort to write up some basic info and update a profile and a cover photo. Now what?

Facebook will immediately suggest that you invite your friends to like your page, but it feels a bit strange doesn't it? It’s like inviting your friends over for a party, without any drinks, snacks or music provided. Even worse, only a few people show up and then it gets awkward because people just stand around and don't know how to interact with each other or the host. Next thing you know, the host is trying to improvise by MCing in an attempt to get the party started, but no one is paying any attention, obviously the mic is not on, and before you realize guests have left the party. Needless to say they probably won’t RSVP to your next one.

Even though it looks easy, scrolling through Facebook all day, looking for some funny photos and liking random posts, social media is a full time job; and in order to make it work, there are few rules to live by.

So let’s start – How To Make Your Facebook Page Likeable

Is it a Birthday or a Tea Party? B.Y.O.B or Drinks are on the House?
Make sure you explain why people are invited to your page and how will they benefit from following you. Include all the crucial information like website address, phone number, working hours, location and other social media channels.

Dress Up For the Occasion and Represent
Having your logo set as a profile picture and finding a visually appealing cover photo will emphasize your branding. But they are not there just too look pretty, make sure you write a description and setup a link that will serve as a call to action. Your cover photo is a huge chunk or real estate on your page and needs to be taken advantage of.

Don’t Talk About The Weather All Night
The Visual has a huge impact on social media, the Visual is everything. For best results tailback your written content with an image, or better yet create a template with the company watermark logo and designated area for a simple write-up. This makes content easily shareable and recognizable. Try to make every post count whether is because of the relevant content or the visual appeal. And if you are wondering how to create a relevant content, the secret is there are no rules, the 70:20:10 Model is a great start though.

Mingle In The Crowd
Engage back with your fans by commenting, sharing and liking their posts. Answer any questions or concerns they have. It’s important to personalize your brand and show that there are real personable people standing behind your business.

Make a friend
Utilize the Call To Action Button. Even if you can’t offer a prize or coupons at the moment, make this button leads to a page of your website or have your phone number set so people can reach out to you easily.

And don't forget to open with a joke; it’s a great conversation starter
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