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Since the recent security lock down of Internet Explorer (IE) (read more here), here is an advice to all those people who still may actually be using IE.  You shouldn't use Internet Explorer for the following reasons:

You can find the reasons explained in the link below.

Reason #1 - IE is broken beyond repair. Literally there is no solution.

Reason #2 - You are safer from targeted software viruses.

Reason #3 - Microsoft is a little slow.

Reason #4 - IE interprets code differently.

Reason #5 - No automatic updates.

Reason #6 - No synchronization.

Reason #7 - No compatibility

Did you know that you can open a link in a new tab by middle-clicking on the link with your mouse? Or, open all bookmarks in a folder at once by middle-clicking on the folder in your bookmarks bar ? That wheel in the middle of your mouse is good for more than just scrolling—in fact, the button can do quite a bit. Your middle-click mouse button—also known as your scroll wheel—can be an effective tab management tool in both Chrome and Firefox. Your browser—whether it's Firefox, Chrome, or even Internet Explorer—makes better use of the middle mouse button than anything else.

If you're on a laptop and don't have a middle mouse button, you can probably still perform many of these actions. Many laptops will simulate a middle click if you press the left and right buttons simultaneously, or you can add that ability with a program like AutoHotkey. Of course, most of these things are easily accessible from other places, too—they're just a bit quicker if you have a middle mouse button.

You'll also notice a lack of Mac shortcuts below—likely because Mac mice don't usually have a middle mouse button. You can add in a gesture with an app like MiddleClick for the browser shortcuts, if you so choose.

Find out the oft-ignored shortcuts built in to the middle mouse button. Check all the tricks you can do with a middle click on you mouse on the following link.


Did you know that Canadians are watching significantly more web-based videos, including live/on-demand TV, than a year ago?

According to comScore's Canada Digital Future in Focus 2014 Report, Canadians are consuming video content across categories, with viewer penetration over 30% in General News, TV and Retail.

If we take into account that:

1) 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

2) 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.    (more…)

We have just attended a webinar held by comScore Client Service Specialist Kevin Duong and VP of Sales Bryan Segal. This presentation covered the  key insights from their newly released 2014 Canada Digital Future in Focus report. It's amazing how the numbers of digital and mobile usage increased over the years in Canada. We were surprised to hear that Canada has 23 million mobile subscribers with 75% of them being smartphones users.

Some of the key topics covered include:

Check out the whole presentation in here.

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If your current ‘mission’ on the Internet requires a secure connection, or if you are in a need of a web service that is not available in your country, then you should consider using a VPN. But first we should cover some basics so you know what it is and why it matters.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and essentially it lets computers around the world connect to each other as if they were in the same internal network. This is done securely over the Internet and is often used for adding extra levels of security or anonymity. Client-server software is employed so you can connect to a VPN server.  (more…)

Have you ever wondered what happens after you type a website address in your browser?

In that short period of time (parts of a second), there is someone responsible for querying the whole web, for the wanted site and bringing it back to your browser and it's called DNS. Without DNS servers, the Internet would shut down very quickly.

Watch this awesome video, to find out more about "How DNS Works".

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