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Mozilla Firefox Logo Evolution

Hey readers, it is Throwback Thursday. Time to look back and see what's changed in internet marketing.

Today's focus - ­­­­­­­­­­­­Mozilla Firefox Logo Evolution.

Remember what browser you were using way back in 2002?

Remember this "flaming duck" logo? A so called Phoenix that for some may even invoke the sounds of a dial-up modem?

If you thought, "Hey that looks like an old school Firefox logo", then you would be correct.


Mozilla Firefox Logo Old

Originally a phoenix with wings outspread to match the program’s original name: Phoenix.

For legal reasons, the name was changed to Firefox and the logo redrawn as a fiery fox wrapped around a globe.


Mozilla Firefox Logo Evolution


The logo was revised and updated later, fixing some flaws.

The shape of the tail was modernized by giving it a 3D look i.e.

  • wrapping tails behind the globe
  • updating the texture used for the Firefox and the globe
  • slightly reducing the overall level of visual complexity in the icon


Firefox logo evolution tbt


So, what do you think of the Mozilla Firefox Logo Evolution? Did they made the right choice?

If you want to find out some secrets behind the Mozilla Firefox Logo Evolution, here is an article for you. [link]

Remember something 'awesome' from the Internet's early days or want us to do a #TBT on your website? Leave a message in the comments.

Take care ...till next Thursday.


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